Agility Trials

USDAA Agility Trial
April 11 / 12 2015
Judges and details coming soon

Agility Work Shops with
Rosanne Demascaro

Sat. Oct. 13, 2012 Starters / Advanced Level (download application)

Sun. Oct. 14, 2012 Masters Level (download application)

“Paws @ Play” Agility Fields Santa Ynez Calif.

About Rosanne

3 World Teams, 5 National Championships, 8 Grand Prix/PGP Finals, 3 AKC Finals, 4 Steeplechase/PSJ Finals, and many DAM/PVP Finals! 20 years of experience with multiple breeds of dogs.

Rosanne has been involved in dog agility since 1992, when she started training her flat-coated retriever. At the time, she was 10 years old, but started in Starters/Novice like all the adults, and worked her way up from there. She first made the USDAA Grand Prix Finals in 1997 at the age of 14, and made them again in 1999 (both with her flat-coat Dreamer). She also achieved an ADCH title on her first dog. Since then Rosanne has been training and running border collies. With every dog, her handling has evolved to suit both the dog and the changing sport of agility. Currently at the top of the game, Rosanne's handling is based primarily on body cues and motion, and she puts much emphasis on predicting and guiding the dog's line of travel through the course. She is known for being skilled in both front and rear crosses (and now blinds as well!), and for her dogs laying it all on the line for every single run. Rosanne has been teaching running contacts to her dogs and others since 2003, and is much sought after for advice on training or fixing issues with running contacts.

Here is a summary of Rosanne's accomplishments in 20 years of agility. For more detail, you can see each individual dog's page.

4 ADCH Titled dogs
Numerous times on year-end Top Ten and Tournament Top Ten lists
7-time Grand Prix Finalist, including 2nd place and twice 3rd place
2-time Steeplechase Finalist, winning the championship in 2007
2-time DAM Team Overall Podium finisher
2-time Performance Speed Jumping Finalist, winning the championship in 2011
2-time Perf Versatility Pairs Finalist, winning the championship overall in 2011
1-time Perf Grand Prix Finalist, placing 3rd

2 MACH Titled dogs, one NAC2 titled dog
4-time AKC Finalist, making Finals each of the 4 years she attended
2-time National Agility Champion, winning the 20" Championship in 2010 and 2011
2009 and 2012 AKC World Team Tryouts attendee
Numerous placements in individual classes at Nationals

IFCS Team USA 2010:
1st place Gamblers, 1st in Team Agility, 4th Overall in Biathlon, 5th in Snooker

WAO Team USA 2011:
22" Biathlon Champion, automatically invited back for WAO 2012
Silver for Team USA, helping win several individual classes for the Team
Individual classes: 7th in Snooker, 2nd in Gamblers, 3rd in Biathlon Jumping, and 1st in Biathlon Agility

WAO Team USA 2012!
wSith Kiba!

Paws @ Play